Tomorrow is Election Day

Greetings, all, tomorrow is Election Day and I encourage everyone to get out and vote. I posted a note on Facebook that I’ve since removed, because, well, on reflecting on it, it was a bit too scathing. And I don’t want to go into why you should vote or who you should vote for, and yes, there are a lot of, shall we say, interesting candidates.

And as much as I think Obama and the Democrats have in many ways let us down, they really have done quite a lot, and the alternative is just, well, I don’t even want to contemplate it. it’s one thing to have a policy difference, i.e., more funding for social programs, or more funding for defense, more or less taxes, etc. But some of the campaign ads and some of the rhetoric coming out is truly scary. All I can hope is that things won’t be as “bad”, that is if you’re a Democrat anyway, as the polls are predicting. Maybe the polls will be wrong. Maybe the Dems won’t lose control of either the House or the Senate. Allah alone knows best. I just hope the Obama Administration and the remaining Democrats in the Congress are ready for what’s going to happen if and when the Republicans take control. Oh, boy, the rollercoaster will truly begin then. Because if the Republicans regain control of the Congress, they’ll make 1994 look like a love fest between the two parties.

Anyway, I’ve voted early so I won’t be voting tomorrow obviously, but I encourage everyone to get out and vote tomorrow. And do what you can to get others to vote too. It will be really interesting to see how things turn out, to say the least. And now back to the Colts game.


About Ginny

A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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