Update on Moon Sighting via CrescentWatch.org

This was written last night 11/07/2010. But accidentally posted to my private blog.

From http://www.crescentwatch.org,

No confirmed reports yet of new moon for Dhu al-Hijjah

Crescentwatch has not yet received any reliably confirmed reports of the new crescent moon being sighted anywhere in the world on the evening of Saturday, November 6th.

Experienced Muslim astronomers and highly reliable visibility forecasts have indicated that the only regions with even a reasonable chance of crescent visibility on Saturday were in South America and the South Pacific (see here). As expected, there have been numerous negative reports by very experienced moon-sighters in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and across North America.

We will continue to await and assess additional sighting reports and post updates here.

* Crescentwatch.org adheres to the traditional principal that all Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, verifiable sighting of the new crescent moon. Click here to read the recent statement on Crescentwatch’s moon-sighting policy.

Last Updated: Nov 7, 2010 05:29 PST
Posted: Nov 6, 2010 22:44 PST

Hmmm, well, I read moonsighting.com’s Dhul Hijjah page, and a report said “the same person” near Riyadh claimed sighting thus this sighting was taken to start the month. I’m not sure who “this same person” is, and Allah alone knows best whether the moon was sighted or not. I’m just getting tired of this “the moon can’t be sighted” stuff, and then the moon supposedly being sighted. And as a lay person, I’m just confused and frustrated by the whole thing. And yeah I know I said I’d not keep beating this dead horse. But… If no one else saw the moon except one person? And even that is doubtful? That just doesn’t seem to be enough to go on. But that’s just me.


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