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On Drug Testing Public Assistance Recipients

Greetings / assalamu alaikum, the topic has come up among some of my Facebook friends regarding drug testing people who receiving various forms of public assistance, or rather people who’re receiving food stamps, cash, or Medicaid assistance. This was as … Continue reading

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Any Food Ideas?

Greetings / assalamu alaikum, as I blogged in a previous post, I’ve had some as yet to be diagnosed tummy issues (that I Inshallah will bring up with my doctor once I go for my physical which should be coming … Continue reading

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A Good/Positive “Convert Truth” Inshallah

Assalamu alaikum, I’m not sure why I was reminded of the below story that I’m about to relate, but I remembered it a couple mornings ago, as I was getting ready to go to work. And in my bid to … Continue reading

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A Step In The Right Direction Inshallah

Assalamu alaikum, this really is a step in the right direction. I understand that some may disagree with the approach, I understand that there may be valid fiqhi positions that discourage women from attending the masjid. However, being that for … Continue reading

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I’d like to know why stubbing your toe hurts so much but say running into a filing cabinet and cutting your leg so much that it bleeds for the next two hours, and bleeds so much it feels like water … Continue reading

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On A More Positive Note

Assalamu alaikum, I realize that my past few posts have been on the negative side, and while what I’ve written may be the truth, it bothers me when I get on a negative bent, especially because I’m generally a pretty … Continue reading

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And Another Thing…

Sorry, but my thoughts are coming to me in pieces. Another big, and I mean huge “ideal versus reality” thing is the issue of polygyny. Now as a Muslim, I do believe that it’s permissible, I do believe it’s allowed, … Continue reading

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