Moon Bits for Safar 1432

Assalamu alaikum, per’s Safar page, there was little or no chance of seeing the moon last night 01/04/2011. This seems to have been borne out as I’ve not seen any sighting reports for yesterday evening. However when I checked Islamic Finder’s Hijri calendar, per the Ummul Qura / Makkah calculations (which I think islamic finder uses), Safar starts today 01/05/2011. However, if you’re going by actual moon sighting, i.e., having someone go out and actually look for the moon, Safar starts tomorrow, which it would have anyway as today, again per moon sighting, is the 30th day of Muharram. The above dates are US-based, though per the sighting reports on, most of the world seems to be starting tomorrow.

I was interested to see if any sighting reports were coming out of Saudi Arabia, as many people seem torely on the pre-calculated Ummul Qura calendar for most of the Islamic year, and official Saudi anouncements for Ramadan, Shawwal, and Dhul Hijjah. unfortunately, again per, the closest place reporting a sighting was Kuwait.

At any rate, for those of us here in the US, Safar Inshallah begins tomorrow 01/06/2011. This would make the 29th day of Safar, and thus the next day to go out and sight the hilal for Rabi-al-awwal on 02/03/2011. Thus Rabi-al-awwal will either start 02/04/2011 or 02/05/2011 Inshallah.


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