Any Food Ideas?

Greetings / assalamu alaikum, as I blogged in a previous post, I’ve had some as yet to be diagnosed tummy issues (that I Inshallah will bring up with my doctor once I go for my physical which should be coming up soon), which has prompted me to experimentally change my diet up a bit to see if that doesn’t help.

Primarily, my goals are to increase my fruit, vegetable and grain intake while decreasing my meat consumption. Cutting back on the Pepsi is also somewhere in there though unfortunately, unless drinking Pepsi is determined to have extremely severe affects on me, giving it up is almost (and I say almost) a lost cause. I’m actually known by someone as firstly, someone who likes to eat (the amount of food I could consume in my younger days is the stuff of family legend actually), and also as someone who really likes their soda. I guess we all have our vices *smile*.

So anyway, does anyone have any ideas? This is a low to moderate income household so cost is an issue. I’m trying to eat more salad, I’d like to eat more fish, I’m trying to figure out how I can add more fruit and grain to my diet without getting bored with it. I also need ideas as to how to supplement my protein intake as I’m trying to cut back on the meat. I know peanut butter works but what else?

Even if I had an iron stomach like my dog Chloe seems to have (see the post on her love of soap), changing my diet up a bit can’t be a bad thing. And I love vegetables and salad. I’m just hitting a bit of a rut in trying to come up with some ideas. I’m not much of a cook. I like things easy lol. I only hope that this is something I can stick to and not get bored with a few weeks down the road. I tend to do that sometimes ya know.


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3 Responses to Any Food Ideas?

  1. Jamilah says:

    Sister, can you give up the Pepsi? I’m sure that would help. That stuff contains all kinds of chemicals and it’s really not good for anybody. I know it’s hard to do. My sister has chronic illnesses also but refuses to give up the Coke. The main ingredient I would try to avoid is high fructose corn syrup–which is in almost all soft drinks as well as catsup, syrup, and practically everything else. I read the labels carefully to keep that out of my family’s diet. I don’t know if you have a problem with this, but when I gave up corn syrup my chronic sinus problems disappeared.

    Eggs and nuts are both good sources of protein. Beans too. I eat 3-5 eggs a day which should be way too many but there are no heart problems in my family and it’s not really an issue for me. The sweet potato is said to be the perfect food in terms of nutrients. Broccoli is good too.

    Why don’t you try going without Pepsi for three days and see if you feel better during that time? You could try fruit juices instead. You could even buy a juicer and get creative.

  2. Sandy Dib says:

    I wish you luck on giving up Pepsi. I have been soda=-free since 2009. And just a warning…you WILL have severe headaches for the first two weeks. After that, it gets better. As far as protein, have you tried protein powder? I drink it a lot, and although the taste is an acquired one, you get used to it.

  3. Anne says:


    Stir fry’s with a small amount of meat and lots of veges. Frozen broccoli can be inexpensive. I vary my veges depending on the sales flyers with our local stores – we have three right in our neighborhood.

    Tortillas – can be stuffed with black beans and corn – salsa, onions, cheese and such.

    Roasted root veggies with little olive oil and salt is yummy.

    Homemade pizza ( I have a recipe for sauce and crust that is cheap and easy if you would like) – canp ut veges on that.

    I, myself, have a coke addiction and while I try not to buy it every week, I do drink pop pretty regularly.

    chewing on some fennel seeds may help your tummy – for acid or indigestion in general but if it is acid related – you may need to give up the pop.

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