The Proposed Sharia Ban in Tennessee

Wanted to address this before it becomes “old news”, as it were. But I’m not sure even where to start. I mean, what kinda “sharia” do these state reps wanna ban? And why? I mean, “sharia” doesn’t just mean lopping off hands and stoning adulterers. “Sharia” also governs things like prayer, fasting, dress, etc.

The best I can determine is that by supposedly “banning sharia”, and making following it a crime, the reps want to tackle so-called “extremism”, but what they’re essentially doing is attacking the religion of Islam itself (which imho is their true intention), even if they say otherwise. And it shows that they think the religion itself is extremist, Or, as someone I was talking to last week when I asked “so if they banned sharia would this mean that we couldn’t pray, wear hijab, etc.?” And they said “I don’t think they know what sharia is and thus what they’re trying to ban”. “Sharia” is just the boogie man term of the times, something that sounds good to ban, because all these reps know or care to know about the evil “sharia” is the sharia that talks about stoning, cutting off hands, and flying planes into buildings and killing so-called “infidels”.

They’re not thinking about the kind of sharia which governs how Muslims dress, or acts of worship such as prayer and fasting. Which tells me that if this law is passed, which it very well could be, unintended consequences will abound. Or maybe not so unintended. Because all of a sudden, the law could be used, say, to arrest a woman for wearing a head scarf, I mean, isn’t that “sharia”? Or arresting someone for wanting to build a mosque, isn’t that “sharia”? Or arresting someone for praying in public, I mean, isn’t that “sharia”?

I’d like to sit here and think that these are just some ignorant reps who want to propose a law that’ll never see the light of day. However, I’m not that gullible, I mean, no offense but we are talking about Tennessee, and it’s not escaped my notice that at least one of these reps proposing this law is from Murfreesboro, the site of one of the mosque controversies that have been brewing across the country in recent months. The scary thing is that these reps could very well know exactly what they are doing, and that is to curtail the rights of Muslims to practice their religion. This has been done before, and protestations have been made to the affect that “no we’re not prejudiced” or “no we’re not bigots”, “no, we don’t want to take away anyone’s rights” but “we just don’t want these people practicing their kinda religion here in our city/state/country”, etc. As I said, this is Tennessee, and while some things may change, many things may still remain the same.


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A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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  1. you have to remember – america is a free country – so long as your not sick, unemployed, black, muslim or mexican !!

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