Chloe the Egg Retriever

Assalamu alaikum/greetings, my Leader Dog Chloe has been known to “retrieve” things and carry them into the house, i.e., leaves, sticks, twigs, acorns, and some other unidentifiable objects that I don’t even want to know what they are. However, a couple of days ago, Chloe really outdid herself lol.

I’d finished work for the day and had taken her out to “park”, which means to use the bathroom, and after she was finished, we started walking back to the house, and as we walked, I didn’t notice her doing anything strange or funny or anything else that would make me take notice. She did sniff a little bit, however she almost always does that. So on we go into the house and when we get back to my bedroom, as I’m taking off my scarf, I hear a noise, as if she’s got something in her mouth, and I reach down to see what she has, and at that point my foot hits something that I thought at first was one of her toys but what actually turns out, as I reach down to pick it up, to be – an egg! A chicken’s egg to be exact.

We have feral chickens that roam around our neighborhood and in the about 3 and a half years or so that we’ve lived here, I’ve not known them to lay any eggs in our yard, nor have I known Chloe to pick any of them up, so this was quite a surprise! I told her that she was not supposed to be picking up chicken eggs and I picked it up and threw it in the trash.

However, the funny thing about it was that the egg, as far as I could tell, wasn’t really damaged at all, I think there were a few tiny cracks, as the egg seemed to be leaking, however, the fact that she picked up the egg, carried it into the house, and dropped it, without me realizing it, and without chomping down on it or otherwise damaging it, I just thought of how much intelligence and dare I say “thought” it would have taken for Chloe to pull that off lol.

But anyway, she’s definitely a retriever lol. And as far as I know, she’s not found any more eggs lol. But I have to say, this dog is really a character, aside from her work being good, lol, she’s always seemingly doing something to make me laugh or surprise me, or something.


About Ginny

A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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