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Baby Is Here!

Greetings/assalamu alaikum, yes baby is here! Me and baby are healthy. Made it through the labor and delivery with no meds! But man it was hard! I think that was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update / Could This Be It?

Greetings/assalamu alaikum, my next doctor’s appointment is tomorrow morning, Inshallah, that is if I make it lol. I’ve been having contractions since about 3 or so this morning, they’ve been coming every 10 to 20 minutes or so. Not enough … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update Week 37 (or so)

Greetings/assalamu alaikum, so we’re getting down to the wire now *smile*. I’m about 37 or so weeks now, so pretty much full term. Some people are making comments like “you’re really not that big”, etc., and I’m kinda like “uh … Continue reading

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Ramadan is Coming.

Greetings/assalamu alaikum, Yes Ramadan is coming Inshallah. And Inshallah, most likely I won’t be able to fast. I mean, even if Ramadan starts and the baby isn’t born yet and/or I’m not undergoing any post-natal bleeding, because of my gestational … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update Week 36 (or so)

Assalamu alaikum/greetings all. Had my OB appointment today, and will now go to once a week visits until the baby gets here, which, well, at this point could probably be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, or perhaps sooner. This … Continue reading

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Moon Bits for Sha’ban and Some Thoughts

Assalamu alaikum, just a brief note regarding the start of Sha’ban. There did not seem to be any positive sighting reports for 07/01/2011, thus Rajab will Inshallah complete 30 days with the start of Sha’ban being 07/03/2011. However, per the … Continue reading

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