Pregnancy Update Week 36 (or so)

Assalamu alaikum/greetings all. Had my OB appointment today, and will now go to once a week visits until the baby gets here, which, well, at this point could probably be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, or perhaps sooner. This pregnancy for the most part has been pretty uneventful, aside from some minor back pain, and a few other slight discomforts. And really I’m feeling quite well.

I’m starting to get really excited/impatient, and the only things I’m worried about at this point are keeping my blood sugar down, the fact that the ultrasound that I had both today and about 6 weeks ago showed extra fluid in the baby’s kidneys (something the doctor said is common for boys), and just generally having a health delivery.

The baby is turned on his side, with his head turned toward my right, but he’s head down, which per the doctor is where he needs to be of course. Inshallah, the kidney issue resolves itself as really that’s the thing I’m the most concerned about, even though the doctor said it was common. I was kinda hoping that by today it’d have resolved itself.

I just have a lot of questions that I of course never think of when I’m in the doctor’s office like, what causes extra fluid in the kidneys, how common is it, does it normally resolve itself, and if not, what happens then?

Like I’ve said before, anything “wrong”, whether it’s higher than normal glucose for me, or extra fluid in the kidneys for baby, probably makes me more unnerved than I’d probably normally be simply because I found out about the pregnancy so late. I keep having this nagging doubt/question in my mind, wondering if I did something wrong, wondering if I could have done something different, afraid that something is really going to be wrong.

And per my understanding, Muslims are not supposed to share their dreams publicly, but let’s just say that I’ve been having some really vivid ones, and some of them not happy ones. I’m just feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension, I just want the baby to be OK, and I wish I could learn to rely on Allah more and not worry about it so much. I’m starting to worry/be apprehensive about labor and delivery. Like I don’t wanna be at work when I go into labor or if my water breaks, or at the masjid, or some other public place. I’m afraid I won’t know when I’m in labor lol, if that’s even possible. Or, I’m afraid the pain’s going to be so bad that I’ll make an utter fool of myself.

I’m apprehensive about how the staff at the hospital will treat me as a blind parent, and I’ve heard many horror stories about this. I’m afraid of dropping my baby, or forgetting to feed him, or something like that. And I feel silly for even thinking/saying all of this.

Anyway, I’ll say what I said/thought when I first found out I was pregnant, and that was that I just want him here, healthy happy and with as little or no complication as possible. And Inshallah, I’m ready for parenting, or at least as ready as humanly possible *smile*.


About Ginny

A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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3 Responses to Pregnancy Update Week 36 (or so)

  1. Jamilah says:

    When my first son was born, I was so afraid of dropping him. And the thought of giving him a bath absolutely terrified me. My mom got me through that first week, helping me to gain some of the confidence I needed. Do you have someone who can help you out in the early days? You will probably feel a bit overwhelmed at first. And your firstborn is always a little overwhemling because everything he experiences for the first time, you do too. But as he grows you’ll get used to it, insha Allah.
    I also had dreams, more after my son was born than before. I had one dream so terrifying that I sometimes still recall it, over 28 years later. Keep making du’a for your son. I also ask Allah to keep you both healthy and safe, and to give you a very righteous son.

    • Ginny says:

      Assalamu alaikum, my mom’s going to try to come down for a visit and this isn’t my husband’s first child, so Alhamdulillah, I think I’ll have plenty of help *smile*. And thanks for the duas, it really does mean a lot.

  2. ruqayyah1 says:

    My husband and I mistakenly went to the hospital several times thinking I was in labor when I was not, and the people at our hospital were very understanding, they said it happens to all first time moms, so try not to worry about that too much. I had round ligament pain towards the end of my pregnancy with Em, which every time her head bumped that ligament it cause excruciating pain and I would think I was in labor. LOL, there was even one time I got out of the shower, and Em must have kicked, etc my bladder and a gush of fluid came down my legs leading me to think my water had broken and off we went, only to be disappointed and sent home. So try not to worry about it too much. And i’A everything will be fine. You are in my dua. *Smile*

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