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Assalamu alaikum/greetings, OK, so I know it’s been like forever since I’ve posted last. I’ve been really busy and that’s putting it mildly. However, given the results of the recall election in Wisconsin last night I felt compelled to write.

The thing is, I’ve always felt voting was/is important. I’ve tried to vote in every election I could, whether or not the candidate I chose had a chance of winning, because my thinking was that if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain. Well, after last night, now I’m not so sure. Because the message that’s becoming clear to me is that elections aren’t, if they ever were, determined by the people per se, but by who can riase the most money.

I was just watching the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, and she stated that Tom Barrett was outspent by Scott Walker 8 to 1, and how you just can’t win elections if you’re outspent by that much, and you couple that with the voter suppression efforts that are going on, in the guise of stopping voter fraud, and you just really start to wonder. But I’m just not surprised. Many moons ago I used to listen to conservative talk radio and a lot of what they are doing is what they’ve wanted to do all along, i.e., the Republicans that have recently been elected. They seem Democrats/libers/progressives as evil/immoral/stupid/dumb, etc., and they want to get rid of them and take control of the political provess. And the thing is, they’ll talk like they care about the little guy, they’ll talk like they care about small businesses and working class people and when they get into office, then you see what they really care about. Remember last November the slogan you heard was “jobs jobs jobs”, and then when they got elected what did they do? They went after not only aborition rights, but general rights to contraception in the form of “personhood amendments”. And this is just one example.

The thing is, there are some aspects of Republican Party platform and Conservative ideology I could actually agree with. But the kinds of Republicans that are getting elected into office right now are just truly scary. Especially to me as a Muslim woman. As much as I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the Democratic Party platform, at least if I chose to join the party I’d not get accused of being a terrorist and not be allowed to join, wonder what would happen if I tried to join the local Republican part here in my local county? Someone lese tried to do that in Florida a while back, a Muslim, and they were not allowed to join and they were called a terrorist. I also don’t recall any Democrats trying to pass so-called “anti-Sharia” legislation and even saying that the Constituiion does not apply to Muslims as regards freedom of religion and the freedom to practice said religion.

Anyway, so when the networks predicted that Scott Walker had won his recall election, I thought to myself, maybe we’re not like Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia where he can buy voters’ cards and bus in people from the Casamance to win elections, but are we really that far off from that? I mean, with the Citizens United decision, a member of Al-Qaeda could secretly give money to a Republican candidate and said candidate wouldn’t even have to disclose where that money came from. A foreign country could give money to a candidate and they’d not have to disclose where that moeny came from. And I find all of this really troubling, and I also find this really ironic as it’s usually the Republicans talking about the Democrats stealing elections and how it’s the Democrats committing voter fraud. But with Citizens United, which would seem to benefit Republicans, it seems that the Republicans can use more shady tactics to get their candidates into office.

However, Republicans would say that they’re just competing with the unions, when now, because of anti-union legislation, and the demonization of unions and public employees, the unions can’t compete with the cash from corporate donors.

So anyway, I’m not sure if I’m going to vote or not. I probably will. But I’m not satisfied with our political process. Because it’s not controlled by “we the people” unless you’re talking about “we the people” is referring to some big corporation. And even Mitt Romney said “corproations are people too my friend”.

I’m tempted to tell people that they should get out and vote, I’m tempted to tell them that this election is really important, however, what does it matter if it seems like it’s all predetermined anyway, and the elctions are merely just window dressing.

*sigh* Sorry, I’m just feeling really demoralized right now. And really tired. And it’s not for lack of sleep, because Alhamdulillah, I slept a lot better this week than in weeks past, as the baby has rediscovered he beauty of sleeping most of the night again.

But I can see how a person can get focused on the daily grind of work and family and raising kids, etc., and just forget about the rest of the world around them. I just feel like the good just never win. I look at the way this country is going, I look at Syria, there are just so many things that just trouble me and upset me and I just don’t want to look anymore, I just want to turn off the TV and the radio and not look anymore. And it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much.

All I can do is trust in Allah, because everything is in HIs hands, and there is nothing we humans can do about it.


About Ginny

A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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  1. rilaly says:

    On the money charge. Scott Walker received a great deal of his money from private donations. Some of them were out of state donations, but they were still private individuals giving money to his cause. Giving money to someone is equivalent to a vote. It’s basically a compliment to the way you do things. If you purchased one of my books, for example, you would be giving me a compliment based upon your knowledge of my writng. Money is also seen by MSNBC and others, as persuasive. You can persuade people to vote for you by purchasing television ads, but if you don’t have a good product no one will buy it or support it. I give an example in my blog: the movie Larry Crowne. I don’t know if you saw it, but it was boring. Anyway, Universal poured tons of money into advertisements into it. They showed Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in the ads. No one went to see it. Word of mouth got out that it was a bore. So, some of the times you can have what seems like a great product, but if you don’t produce no one is going to buy it or support it. I was disheartened by your post here Ginny. I was sad to see that you think so little of our country. I think it’s the greatest country in the world, and I can tell you that in my corner of it it’s relatively color blind. We have a true melting pot in my city, and we welcome any and all with welcome arms. If you live in a poor section of the country, then I am sorry to hear that, but you should remember that every country in the world has bad corners. A Muslim friend of mine told me that if I went to her country (Afghanistan), people would, at the very least, harass me. This was all pre 9/11 by the way. They would scream things at me, follow me to try to scare me, and they may even throw rocks at me for being American looking. “Racism exists in just about every country in the world,” she said. “We just talk about it America more.”

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