Propaganda in Action and Other Current Thoughts on Politics

My husband briefly had it on Fox News this morning, and Karl Rove was on there saying something about Obama telling people not to have their conventions in Las Vegas!? Huh? When did Obama ever say that? He also said something about Obama only traveling to big cities because there’s where “his base” was, i.e., African Americans, etc., and “he has those big city mayors with their political machine and all”. Huh? I mean, he was like “here is Romney going to Defiance Ohio and Obama can’t be bothered to go to places like that, he goes to Cleveland and other big cities because there’s where his support is”, etc. and I couldn’t watch anymore. I mean, surely though I can’t name any right now, Obama has indeed traveled to numerous small towns in the US and wouldn’t be stupid enough, as gifted of a campaigner as he is, to only confine his campaign appearances to “big cities with political machines and African-American voters”. The thing is, people watch this stuff and they believe it and then they do things like vote for Romney, even though right now as we speak a company he owns, Bain Capital, is geting ready to send hundreds of jobs to China, even while Romney is accusing Obama of “pandering to China”.
They’ll vote for Romney because they think that Obama took away the work requirement for welfare “so those lazy people can keep getting their welfare check and they don’t have to work”. They’ll vote for Romney because anyone’s better than that non-citizen Muslim socialist black man that’s currently in the White House, even if it means Romney’ll send their jobs to China, repeal the affordable care act, which then means that they won’t have health insurance because the health insurance companies will once again be able to deny health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, and take away social security and Medicare so that by the time they’d qualify for it, it won’t be there, and Medicare will be so voucherized that the amount of money they get to cover whatever insurance they’re supposed to purchase from the “free market” won’t be enough to cover the cost of that insurance.

But hey, just as long as that Muslim socialist non citizen black man isn’t in the White House, hey then it’s all gravey I guess. Nothing like voting against your own self-interest because of petty bigotry, xenophobia, and racism is it.

And hey I’m sure that people have other reasons for voting for Romney, but why would anyone vote for a guy who’s so flip floppy you never know what position he’s going to take literally from one minute to the next. He’s pro life one minute, pro choice the next, depending on who he’s speaking to. And that’s just one of numerous examples, that just so happened to pop into my head. I mean, Conservatives talk so much about principle and values and all of that. You’d think it would matter to them if a guy was flip flopping all over the place and never stood for anything but himself and how much money he could make out of something.

And everyone that’s so gung-ho and raw raw about military service, why was everyone so upset about Clinton supposedly not serving in the military, I mean, I remember people I knew at the time who were calling him a draft dodger and all of that, but I am not hearing the same vitriole being spewed about Mitt Romney, he was vacationing in France supposedly doing “missionary work” while people were perhaps sometimes unwillingly fighting and dying in Vietnam.

So why is Clinton’s lack of service somehow bad but Romney’s lack of service was somehow OK? But oh, didn’t he say that he and his sons’ “national service” was running for and possibly being President? I mean, just how, oh what’s the word for it? Just how conceited and full of yourself can you get?

There is a lot I don’t like about Obama, but at least if he gets re-elected, we’ll know what we’re getting. With Romney not so much, and no I’m not going to publicly say who I voted for, but I’ll tell you for sure it wasn’t for Romney or for any Republican candidate for that matter. I’m certainly not going to vote for a party whose leader in Romney has publicly said he doesn’t care about at least 47% of the country, and I’m not going to vote for a party of which a good percentage of its members and supporters seem to be a bunch of racists and bigots. And I’m not going to give my vote to a party where it seems the vast majority of its members and supporters consider me as a practicing Muslim in and of that fact alone, to be a terrorist or at the very least a terrorist sympathizer.

And if I did vote Republican, I’d consider myself to be extremely naive or extremely stupid or both. And this doesn’t mean that at one time I didn’t agree with them on many issues, I actually did. But the Republican Party in its current form has completely gone crazy. And I just can’t in good conscience support them at least for the foreseeable future.


About Ginny

A blind Muslim woman currently living in Florida, just trying to make sense of the world around me! !
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