On the Purchase of Current TV by Al Jazeera

Assalamu alaikum, well, this is the first time I’ve blogged in a while. I’d started a post a while back, but then the shootings happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, and I just didn’t feel as though it was the right time to blog about, well, whatever it was I was blogging about. Perhaps I’ll finish the post and put it up eventually but anyway…

What I wanted to blog about today was the purchase of Current TV by Al Jazeera. When I heard about this from my husband last night I got really excited, and the whole thing just made sense to me. Current was kinda struggling anyway, and I don’t know, it just seemed logical and perhaps then Al Jazeera would not have to struggle so much to get a foothold in the American market like it had in the past. However leave it to some cable providers (Time Warner I’m lookin’ at you), to just out of hand decide to discontinue carrying Current TV because of this, although some of the reading I’ve done today about this seems to indicate that Time Warner might be walking back their original reaction a bit by stating that perhaps maybe they might consider carrying Al Jazeera English. However, why the pop off reaction to discontinue carrying Current TV in the first place? Hey, I bet if it’d have been Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh who’d purchased Current TV Time Warner’d not have made such a swift and hasty decision to pull the plug on Current TV as it did when Al Jazeera purchased it. I’d considered returning to Bright House which is owned by Time Warner, but now, as a matter of principle, even if Time Warner does consider carrying Al Jazeera, in one form or another, I’ll not be returning as a customer, no matter what kind of a deal they might be offering. And if my current TV provider Verizon FiOS takes what in my view is the same bigoted step, I’ll be dropping them too and just keep the phone and Internet. Although at this point, it seems they have no plans to do this.

the thing is, why do some Americans have such a problem with Al Jazeera anyway? No don’t answer that, I know the reason but… If we all are supposed to believe in free speech and all of that, then why not let Al Jazeera be carried on your little cable system and if the ratings don’t add up, if the viewership isn’t there, then why not then decide whether or not to keep it? And considering that 40% of the traffic coming to Al Jazeera’s site is from the US, my guess would be that some might not like Al Jazeera getting any kind of a foothold in the country because maybe then that would kinda change the narrative?

For my part, I listen to/watch Al Jazeera online and even if I don’t agree with the channel it offers a perspective you don’t really find anywhere else. And when you look at the plethera of other cable news outlets, that perspective is sorely needed.

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1 Response to On the Purchase of Current TV by Al Jazeera

  1. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    The reason for discontinuing may be that al-Jazeera are commonly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (especially the Arabic version, which has had criticism from Arabic journalists for moving increasingly towards a pro-Brotherhood position), and TW are afraid of being called out as a “supporter of terror” by carrying a channel owned by them. If conservative news channels decide they don’t want to be carried by an “unpatriotic” company (can they do that – pull their channel from a network?) then it could make their product less easy to sell.

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