This Year’s Moon Sighting Info.

OK, so I know I obsess about this *every* *single**year* but…

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Although I have to say from the outset that I’ve begrudgingly decided to follow my local masjid in whatever it is they decide. Which if years past is anything to go by, they follow whatever it is Saudi is doing, though I’ve not heard this directly from anyone running the masjid. So I could be wrong about that.

And yeah the argument could be made that I’m doing it on the wrong day, that because I started according to Saudi or whoever and not on a local confirmed verifiable sighting or whatever that my fast is going to be invalid or whatever. But you know what? I don’t wanna go so far as to say I don’t care or I dont’ give a crap, but what I’m gonna say is I’m not gonna fight about it anymore.

You ask me personally, and it’s been a while since this blind convert woman was asked about anything as important and momentous as this but… You ask me personally and I’d say that we in America shouldn’t be following someone halfway around the world for determining the start and end of our Islamic months/observances. If we don’t do it for our prayer timings why should we do it for Ramadan. We’re not praying according to the prayer time in Makkah, so why fast according to them? And yeah “it’s the same moon”, however, there have been numerous documented sighting errors in Saudi, and well, I’m not going to rehash it, google it if you want to learn more. And darn it, it’s supposedly the “Sunnah” ya know. And it’s funny to me how I heard people talking about “the Sunnah” when we’re talking about things like gender interaction, the Mawlid, the 15th of Sha’ban, etc., it’s “the sunnah” to do this, or “it’s not the sunnah” to do that. But for some reason, for some, when you talk about moon sighting, you hear crickets, or you hear how we should all be united “at least for this occasion”. OK, fine, but why focus on Saudi? Why not say Libya or Nigeria or whatever? And yes I understand the whole “well Makkah and Medina are there” stuff, but I thought one of the arguments for why Islam was so much better than other religions was because “we don’t have a Vatican” so OK if we don’t have a Vatican, then why be so fixated on what Saudi or Makkah is doing?

And don’t take me wrong, I don’t have a problem with following a global sighting. I don’t, as a layperson, even have a problem with following purely calculations or pre-determining the months like ISNA is doing. What bothers me I think is the fear that I’m “doing it wrong”. That my fasting and my deeds are not going to be accepted because I following my local masjid who may or may not follow Saudi, and that if I start my Ramadan on July 9th that that’s not the “correct” day because the moon “supposedly can’t be seen” on Jly 8th.

The thing is, if I was still single and living with my parents or in my own place, I’d just start according to what CrescentWatch is doing, as I think their methodology is sound and reasonable. However, the household I live in follows our local masjid, and when people us woman are supposedly supposed to obey like I don’t know husbands and fathers all but tell you you’re causing fitna for doing things on what you feel is the correct day/approach, and that doing things differently is just you being “contrarian”, what do you do?

I’ve just thrown up my hands and resigned myself to the fact that most people just probably go along to get along like me, and just following whoever. And have the best intentions I’m sure. This “controversy” isn’t going to go away any time soon. And for me as a layperson, the waters are just too muddied, I can’t think that millions of people are going to have their fasting and acts of worship rejected because they “started on the wrong day”. The whole thing just makes my head hurt. And frankly I’m just tired of the fighting. I know how I feel about the issue, but like I said, in my experience, the views of a blind Muslim convert woman don’t get much traction anyway. Translation, no one cares what I think about the issue. Other people, namely older more knowledgeable men, no more about this than I do, and they’ve concluded that calculations are just fine, pre-determining the start of the months in advance are OK, and following Saudi is just fine, errors or no. So why am I to say that they are wrong?

Anyway, find the info below.

Ramadan Hilal will be Visible in the evening of July 9, 2013.

Ramadan 2013 Hilal Data
July 8, 2013 Sunest Moonset Lag Angle Altitude Possibilty
Makka 7.07 7.08 +1 min 6.1d 0.3 Impossible to see Hilal in Makka
Miami 8.16 8.28 +12 9.1d 2.9 Probability of sighting NIL in USA

July 9, 2013

Makka 7.07 7:50 43 min 15.8d 9.4 Difficult but possible
Miami Fl 8.16 9.08 52 min 19.4d 11,2 Likely

Shawwaal 2013 Hilal Data

Aug, 7, 2013
Makka 6.57 7.08 +11 min 9.8 2.5 Impossible to see
Miami, Fl 8.03 8:23 +20 min 13.2 4.6 Unlikely

ISNA follows Saudi dates knowing full well that Saudis are wrong. Saudis begin the Islamic month
if the moon sets AFTER the sun, and NOT by the Ahilla of the Qur’an, as practiced by the Prophet (PBUH)

ISNA Ramadan date is July 9, 2013 and Eid al-Fitr August 8, the last day of Ramadan by the Qur’an and Sunnah

1435 Hijri dates for USA/Canada
(Hilal SEEN somewhere in N. America after the sunset the previous evening).

Ramadaan 1434 July 10, 2013 Hilal seen in the evening of July 9

Shawwaal 1434 Aug. 9 2013 Seen on Aug. 8 (No chance on Aug.7)

Z. Qa’da 1434 Sep. 8 2013 Seen on Sep. 7 evening

Z. Hijja 1434 Oct. 7 Seen on Oct. 6 (Eid al-Adha on Wed. Oct.16)

Muharram 1435 Nov. 5 Seen on Nov. 4
Safar 1435 Dec. 4 Dec. 3

Rabi 1 1435 Jan. 3, 2014 Jan. 2 , 2014

Rabi II Feb. 1 Jan. 31

Jumada 1 Mar 3 (2??) Mar. 2 (May be Mar. 1)

Jumada II Apr. 1 Mar. 31

Rajab May 1 Apr. 30

Sha’baaan May 30 May 29

Ramadaan June 29 June 28

Shawwaal July 29 July 28

Z. Qa’da Aug.28 Aug. 27

Z. Hijja 1435 Sep. 26 Sep.25
Muharram 1436 Oct. 25 (26??) Oct. 24 (25??)

Safar 1436 Nov. 24 Nov. 23
Rabi I 1436 Dec. 24 Dec. 23
Jumada I 1436 Jan. 22, 2015 Jan. 21, 2015

How the Muslims decide their Hijri dates:
Saudis Moonset AFTER the sunset then next date is the First of Islamic month.
Egypt Most Middle Eastern countries except Oman follow Saudi dates/rule
Oman Sighted Hilal
ISNA Saudi dates
Canadian Council: Caribbean sighting
Some Ulema Councils in the US also go by Caribbean moon
Indonesia/Malaysia/Turkey moon’s altitude

Only Ulema in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh generally decide by the Hilal seen in their areas.



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