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An Update on the “Street” Incident from the Other Night

Assalamu alaikum, as the title implies, this is an update on the incident that happened to me the other night when I was on a walk with my son. My husband had left the house for Fajr prayer and briefly … Continue reading

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Reason 4,575 Why I Didn’t have Kids Sooner

Assalamu alaikum, what I’m about to relay just happened a few minutes ago, so needless to say, I’m still upset/angry about it, so this post might be a bit raw/disjointed. The weather’s been really nice the past couple of days. … Continue reading

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“Hijab Is Liberating” Or Maybe Not?

Assalamu alaikum, I’d been all fresh outta writing/blogging ideas until I heard the NPR story, which Ify Okoye also blogs about, regarding women and (why they don’t wear/took off their) hijab while riding in the car on the way to … Continue reading

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