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Chloe the Egg Retriever

Assalamu alaikum/greetings, my Leader Dog Chloe has been known to “retrieve” things and carry them into the house, i.e., leaves, sticks, twigs, acorns, and some other unidentifiable objects that I don’t even want to know what they are. However, a … Continue reading

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No I Did Not Watch the Royal Wedding

Assalamu alaikum / greetings, no offense to the British Royal Family or anyone else who’s interested in this sorta thing, but I did not watch the wedding, and I actually made it a point not to. I just didn’t like … Continue reading

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“Hijab Is Liberating” Or Maybe Not?

Assalamu alaikum, I’d been all fresh outta writing/blogging ideas until I heard the NPR story, which Ify Okoye also blogs about, regarding women and (why they don’t wear/took off their) hijab while riding in the car on the way to … Continue reading

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Moon Bits for Jumada-al-Oola

Assalamu alaikum / greetings, via’s Jumada-al-Oola page: The Astronomical New Moon is on April 3, 2011 (Sunday) at 14:32 UT. On Sunday, April 3, it can not be seen anywhere in the world by naked eye. On Monday, April … Continue reading

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